Come on, you must have noticed too. Teenage mums (check), like 50 billion nail bars and hair salons (check), no decent colleges or places of higher education (check … Beauchamps 6th form doesnt count cos sorry its getting worse!), chavs hanging outside Peacocks when ’s raining/snowing/a hurricane a-blowing etc. (check) …

I could go on really but I think you’ve got my point … Wickford’s becomming a dive like Basildon was when got ’s reputation for all things chav related. And now Basildon is actually better due to the fact that the shops are getting a little posher, the teenage mums are now all grown up and the Olympic camp for all our athletes in the Olympics is at Gloucster park … and they got H&M and Subway!

Come on Wickford what’s going on? Do we honestly need that many nail salons in town? Erm no … we only need 2 beauty parlours in the whole of Wickford and they should be good ones … cos i don’t know about you but some of the people walking around that highstreet are looking pretty slapperish of late! We don’t need all the hair dressers. I go to Russels and they are fine in there. We could stick with that, one up near Southend Road for the old dears who can’t walk into town and one in Shotgate for the people up that end.

All the old shops are either gone or going. Sansoms (where I used to work) was forced to close due to the fact that we had more Pikeys nicking designer clothes than people buying them and was replaced with the bloody Hallifax. That shop had been there since Victorian times which I think’s really sad! Then Adrian’s is getting smaller and smaller to accomodate for more nail bars for the great increase of scum coming into our town and their offspring from 7 different fathers (hmmm classy!) and as a result the council are practically building on anything green in our town. will be the Memorial Park they start on next I’m telling you now!

And why do we need so many bloody estate agents? I can’t believe how many there are its actually stupid and of course the more houses/flats/shitty concrete houses for the Vicky Pollards of Wickford the more estate agents pop up to show off these houses and then we lose another good shop.

’s not good people! ’s got to the point where I actually PREFER Basildon to my own home town. So I think someone should do something about cos at the moment the whole bloody world is going mad I tell you!

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