’s an age old thing love isn’t . People have always wanted to understand the science behind . People have written songs, stories and films about . People have fought for . People have died for . And Rik Waller is still looking for … well thats excluding his love of food!

I mean, how does happen? You don’t plan , just happens but is never the same for different people. People claim you can’t help who you fall in love with but surely there must b a subconscious trigger deep inside that tells you that you are deeply attracted to someone. And how does an attraction for someone differ from the feelings of love?

I know that my experience is not entirely reflective of others and may not be¬†identicle of my partners also. is unlikley that we fell in love with each other at exactly the same second. There was no candlelit dinner, no bouquet of red roses, no cherubs and angels singing or slow motion walk towards me across a crowded room. was real which I think some people are shocked by when they do discover that they are in fact in love. Some people learn to¬† love one another, other times you just know like I did in my case but people can be so judgemental. You get the typical “Aren’t you too young?”, “You don’t know each other that well”, “’s too soon” etc.

The answer is simply “no”. Only you can know when is right and if you misjudge then you can learn a valuable lesson on the journey of life. Although I have always wanted to understand how love occurs I no longer feel the need as I am content with just having !

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