I have begun to write my story as I go through to reach my career so from time to time I will be posting extracts from my story onto this site. I hope you enjoy :-) !

This book is dedicated to my darling Adam who reminded me of the joy one can get from writing, to my family who encouraged me to follow my deepest, darkest dreams and the friends who I have made along the journey!

- x -


. ’s a job that has been around for thousands of years and needed constantly in society. And yet few people have an understanding of what is involved in the occupation and lifestyle of a teacher.

After years of convincing myself that I wanted to be a vet until the grand old age of 15 when I discovered I wasn’t actually that good at Science at all. So I naturally took the option that was the most similar route … evidently! I had been told for ages that I was an absolute lunatic for choosing this career. “You’ll be sorry”. “All those children, won’t they do your head in”. “How can you even like children”. These were the opinions of my friends and family when I declared my calling in life. I should point out at this point that I do like children and that’s why I want to work with them, but I’m also very interested in the process of learning and enquiring and this seemed like a natural path to take with my future.

However I had no idea at this early age of the work involved in , particularly the amount of paperwork required in planning, marking and assessment. I didn’t realise this however and was swept up in the romanticism of . I had all laid out; the little school in the village with the church next door and the children would picnic on the village green, I could ride by bike to work, the children would be polite and perfectly behaved. So basically I was thinking of a school in the early 1900s! I thought of all the teachers I had had during my lifetime and stories about teachers I had read. I wanted to be the Miss Honey type teacher, taking on the Miss Trunchballs of this world and inspiring children like Matilda with fun lessons for children to enjoy. I wanted to help kids lead fulfilling and enriched childhoods full of literature, facts, history and creativity. I wanted children to have the same opportunities I had had as a child; being lost in the stories of Roald Dahl, imagining life in distant places over continents and time such as the Coliseum in ancient Rome, being at the courts of Elizabeth the first in Tudor times, life in a Victorian school…

I even had a keen interest in the works of Monet, Vincent Van Gough and Cezanne. However people kept insisting that the children of today aren’t interested in wider culture, just video games and television. But I remember people saying exactly the same thing when I was a small child in school.

True. The majority of the children I know love nothing more than playing on a computer every night and watching the latest episode of Little Britain, but isn’t slightly stereotypical assuming that these children have no other interests?

I believed on whole this stereotypical view throughout my later teenage years until I started . I thought that children, particularly young teenagers were extremely irritating, always answering back, hanging out in the park drinking cider and listening to the latest crap that was in the charts. Not the philosophical and deep thinkers of the future. Over time, fortunately this view has changed!

Another key reason for wanting to be a teacher was my Nan on my mother’s side of the family. Although wasn’t a huge push or instruction was enough to motivate me to take up as a profession or at the very least consider . I must have been no older than 8 and I had spoken to my Nan many times about the usual what I want to be when I’m older; an actress, a nurse … strangely a worker in Macdonald’s! Then my Nan suffered her first stroke and was sent to stay in hospital for a short period of time. Mum had taken me and my younger sister to see her. At the time I had very little understanding of what a stroke was and how serious was. I just remember sitting on the side of her bed and saying that I had decided to be a teacher. I didn’t remember until a few years later when my poor Nan suffered another stroke whilst on holiday with my Grandad in her home land of Southern Ireland and turned out to be fatal. After that the idea of stuck permanently in my head and I decided whatever I would do as a job would be something that helped someone.

I was given all the support and guidance to take my journey into the weird and wonderful world of education by my family, staff at the local primary school where I was once a child, my friends who still to this day think I’m absolutely insane and need to be committed any day now (!), and of course my beloved partner Adam who supports me to this day, providing wisdom and redirecting me onto the track that was originally laid beneath my feet …

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