To file a legal suit against my boss and chef for environmental health issues and sexual harrasment or not … that is the question!Well ’s official, the job that couldn’t get any worse just has. hit rock bottom, carried on through the shit beneath and came out the other side. All week long I have moaned the ears off of my poor and parents about how crap my job is but has now got to the stage where there is no point in me quitting as I am leaving for good in 4 weeks. 20 days … I can cope with that. But is the constant jibes and remarks made at me by members of staff, about me being a moron and stupid (I’m the one getting the degree, they are the ones working for minimum wage in a crappy little restaurant. erm haha suckers …) and today reached a whole new level of shiteness. The chef comes up to me and I generally feel uncomfortable around him anyway. He seems to give off these vibes that say “I act like a nice guy but acually I am a bit of a creep and I will make your job hell”. So whenever he comes near me I feel uncomfortable. At first was the staring when I got the job that was weird but I just presumed that was what he was like and put up with . Then was the random grabbing me for a hug which again was weird but I have had done to me before by my lovely form tutor in high school and he turned out not to be a peadophile just a little eccentric so was fine. Then my colleagues started asking me random things such as what did I think of him and when I would reply “yeah he’s ok” I would get a “Yeah he’s a nice man you know, you could do a lot worse”.

Then today he comes up to me in the kitchen. He comes over, hugs me and squeezes the bit of fat I have on my back underneath my bra (if you’re size 16 or over you probably know that part and loath in the way I do). I ask him in the nicest way possible “Please do not touch me. I do not like being touched by people I do not know very well”. He just winks and walks away. Then later as I stretch over the sink to get something he comes up being me and pinches my backside really hard. I turn around and yell at him saying what the hell does he think he is doing and he just winks and walks away. The woman that washes the dishes at lunchtime comes into the room at that moment but because she is nearly completely deaf she hasn’t heard anything and wouldn’t believe me even if I told her as she knows him more than she knows me. I don’t report this event to my boss as him and the chef seem to kiss each other’s arses more than the mums on those Johnsons Baby Lotion adverts and my boss isn’t the sort of person you want to confide in with confidential information. Peirs Morgan would probably be a better shoulder to cry on.

I’m now contemplating pulling a “sicky” on Wednesday and Friday next week when I know the chef is in. But the problem still won’t go away and I can’t avoid him forever (though I wish I could bloody try). I mentioned the problem to my mum when I got home and she just pulled a face so again I don’t know what to do about . I mean at the end of the day I’m only there for a short while longer so reporting the man to the police would be a pointless and to be honest a total waste of my time as the police in my town are notorious for being useless and quite basically the sloppiest human beings on the planet. Still at least Adam’s backing me which is good so I know I’m not totally losing !

But on top of this I’m starting to get irritated with the connotations people immeadiatly draw with you being a waitress. They don’t stop to question why you are a waitress, what you are like as a person, that maybe you have some more substance to you. Instead they treat you (and occasionally tell you) that you are stupid. For example the most annoying woman that came in today. Her bill came to £3.10 and she gave me a £20 (I generally hate this time of person as I have to give them all the change back in coins as we run out of notes as though they were liqiud gold and this often leads to another complaint made by the customer). I give her £16.90 back which is the correct amount of change. She returns 3 minutes later to yell at me in front of the other customer who I am serving that I can not do maths and that I am stupid. When I pointed out that 3 away from 20 is 17 and subtracting 10p would be 16.90 she still didn’y get , making herself look a bigger arsehole. was only when I handed her a calculator and showed her did she realise. Did I get an appology? As if! So by proving that I was not what she had assumed me to be (an airhead) I get a calculator chucked back in my direction and a customer who now is complaining because they think I’m a smart arse! ’s a no win situation really.

Either way as you may have realised from previous chapters; I don’t like working with the general public. They are rude, they are obnoxious, they can’t stand when you are actually right about something and there are no actual sanctions put in place against customers. No matter what people tell you, the customer is NOT always right.

This week is finally drawing to a close however. I am going out tonight with a group of my friends that I have known since secondary school. I still remain quite close to them, they however don’t feel the same way about each other. has got to the point where the group that once existed has now split into two, with three of my friends on one side with my best friend who I have known the longest (I call them “Team Skinny”) and my other two closest friends on the other side (“The Quirks”). The Quirks don’t want to involve Team Skinny in anything because they feel they are being cast out by the other girls since they went to and college and that they have forgotton about them and moved on with their lives (true, but so have they). Team Skinny feels that The Quirks are not putting in as much effort as they used to and feel that every time they try to arrange something they are let down or made to feel inferior and left out and then give up bothering (also true but they have done the same). So rather than maturely accepting this next stage in their lives where they are moving on, meeting new people and forging new relationships, seems I’m back in year 5 when each side hates each other and slags them off. I’m the one in the middle. If I spend too much time with one group, the other complains. So to make up for I hang around with them for a bit and get moaned at by the other side. See where I’m going with this?

In the end I’m probably either going to completely knacker myself out from spending so much time attending to each side to make sure that they don’t feel neglected or I’m going to develop some sort of nervous twitch in my eye and go crazy. (Not sure if straight jackets suit me actually …).

Tonight I’m with Team Skinny and one of The Quirks. will make for an interesting evening. I have a feeling that is going to decend into what usually happens when both sides collide these days. One will sulk (I won’t say their name but is usually the same person!), one will get drunk and shout, one will go off and see some people she “knows” and the other will follow her like a lost puppy. I think I’m just going to prop myself up against the bar with a few alchoholic drinks, get mind numbingly drunk and dance away my troubles until is home time (never the time we intend to come home because everyone ends up fed up with one another). Either way as long as I have a good glass of wine and a decent track from my youth to listen to then hey, will be a good night for me! Keep you posted.

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