Well is coming up to the final year of my degree and I’m looking forward to those ever alluring QTS Skills tests. Wow; what a load of crap I have to honestly say. I would love to know why the Numeracy one is pitched at the intellectual level of someone who took Maths as an actual degree and then have done their masters in , wheras the Literacy and ICT are so basic I want to cry. I want to know why there is no equilibrium between the three tests. Surely as the government keeps crying out for more and more teachers, they shouldn’t be setting tests with questions with the most ridiculous time limit on them to scare those of us who have trained and worked hard for at least 3 years away from .

Take for example the practise question which apparently is intended to introduce you to the easier questions on the test and they will eventually grow more complex the further into the test you get. Firstly doesn’t actually write the question down for you so you have to listen to the annoying audio female voice that talks in one of thee most patronising voices I have ever heard (almost as bad as that of my next door neighbour who happens to be on the same course as myself). Great start. Then says you will have 20 seconds once the question has been read to you to answer the question. Eeek! Better actually be easy … erm no they aren’t.

I’m asking you now to complete this question. Time yourself to see how long takes you to answer. Ah, no cheating so you can put that calculator away aswell as the pen and paper you have in front of you because this is also a mental arithmatic question.

“630 pupils each raise £50 in a charity event at their school. The amount raised is divided equally between 3 charities. How much does each charity recieve?”

Ok isn’t the most difficult question in the whole world but when you are put on the spot like that with time ticking away in the corner of your eye then is slightly offputting!

However much to my surprise I did another practise test on the net and this time I got 64% so I would have passed (yay for me). Still not as high as the 98% I scored on the ICT test (in your face Adam, I can do ICT so nur!) or the 79% I got on the Literacy but ’s a start! Still however I think the questions are ridiculous and they do not differ if you are specialising in an earlier age range, you get exactly the same questions. I don’t see how this is fair because a teacher of Maths in a year 11 GCSE class will have to have a more sound knowledge of mathematics than a reception class teacher. Either way is one of those facts that you have to accept and get on with because the person who came up with  the idea in the first place was quite obviously a lecturer … of mathematics.

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