Don’t worry, this is not an invitation for a free romp! During the last few months I’ve become slightly more let’s say “un-lady like” and I have now decided starting from Monday the 3rd of November to become more feminine to recapture the romance of my relationship (not that has really gone, but I’m sure my does not appreciate the suttle smells of cabbage and carrots being belched at him in the early hours!).To do this I aim to improve my image and perception … slightly! I am going to get back to the gym and get my figure back as these days I’m unsure if my stomach is entirely made of fat or if there is an alien waiting to burst from my intestines in the John Hurt way that many of you may remember (bad times). On top of this I am going to start getting back into trying to experiment with different clothes like I used to. There was a time where I would wear an outrageous item of clothing and then several months later would be the in thing but I have just been following the crowd or just wearing my old items of clothes which really does not make me feel that attractive.

I am also going to start wearing high heels (except when is icy … dangeous) to try and get good posture and walking a little more gracefully. This I hope will lead to the fact that I want to start learning ballroom dancing with my and my mum points out I don’t stand very daintily and I have no rhythm.

Basically, and I think most girls would agree with me, you tend to really feel good about yourself if you feel good about the way you look. And if you don’t feel good about yourself then has an impact on the people around you. I’m not necessarily saying looks are everything, but I think the way you percieve yourself has something to do with how you are feeling on the inside. I don’t like the way I am now and I know how I can change that so hopefully that can only be a good thing.

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