I love writing poetry and used to do loads for fun. I didn’t think I was any good at , was just something I liked to do. However at as part of my course we have started to look at using creative English in the classroom and we have been looking at poetry as well as narrative, every day and factual writing. I decided must be good for people (and me) to get into expressing your ideas or emotions through poetry (in my case this is good as I can stop getting off my chest every time my poor is talking to me on the phone!). So below is my poem from today. The topic was on the harvest and harvest festival in schools, so here is my poem (make of what you will)!


Thank you for the harvest when the apples start to fall,

For the sweetness of the damsons and the blackberries by the wall

And the crumble that we’ll put them in that will keep us nice and full.


Thank you for the harvest when the wheat shines just like gold,

For the farmer’s work as he gathers before ’s quickly sold.

The collection of the barley before ’s taken by the cold.


Thank you for the harvest for the veg that’s in the soil,

For the survival of the runner beans after warm summer’s toil,

The skins of the iceberg lettuces that glimmer just like foil.


Now autumn may be over and the winter’s creeping in,

The sprinkle of the frost and the air is cold and thin.

But soon again will be time for new plants and food to grow,

And soon we’ll be here once again as life’s cycle goes and goes.

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