Ohhh baby! I passed all three QTS Skills Tests! If you’re taking yours any time soon the Numeracy is really not as bad as is made out to be on the TDA website. I still don’t understand the ease that is the Literacy Skills Test but who cares I passed !This month is getting better aswell because the troll that lived with me last year has finallly parted ways FOREVER! Horrah! After 8 months of my clothes smelling of her BO, my food and belongings going missing and a who looked like uncle fester smoking in her room even though the other housemate is asthmatic! Yeah she was a lovely¬† human being. And the fact that she unfortunatly came from Newcastle who can name among their highest exports as urine … we’re glad she’s out of our hair!

Then there is the fact that our energy suppliers contacted us and realised that they have been absolutly anal about charging me for the gas and electric we have supposidly been using and credited our account with over £200 that will ensure all future bills are taken out of. So no more gas and electricty bills to pay for the rest of my time at ! Big woop there!

On top of this I have found out where I’m going to be on my final school placement and is only 20 miles away from my home so no really really early mornings for thank god! All I can hope is that turns out to be a nice school and I enjoy because I will be there for 7 weeks and I will be drinking their tea and coffee mwahahaha! Plus the fact that I could be getting some extra cash from Student Support to help out with things like travel so that will be great.

And the final and most important thing is the fact that on Monday the 24th is mine and my partners one year anniversary which is the longest I have ever been in a relationship with anyone so I am very happy about that! will be nice to get away from doing my research diisitation on children’s changing attitudes towards History from KS1 to KS3 and I can really do with the break right now. I have two maths to finish off on top of that too to look at my metacognitive skills (basically reflecting on my own thinking and how has helped me to develop as a professional).

So despite some of the issues I have this year with and teething problems with my third and final year of my teacher training programme but looks like is going to be a good end to the year and hopefully with any luck a good start to the next one.

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