There comes a time when you hear songs on the radio/ipod that seem to so resemble your life. For example right now the songs I would chose to sum up my time at would be Frustration, On My Own Again, All By Myself and The Drugs Don’t Work. Don’t worry people, I’m not about to get all suicidal ’s just a mixture of things. has now caused me to have migrains and with the added stress of this ongoing neccessity for paper work, planning and , paracetamol will only do so much to stop the continuous headache I am trying to overcome.Added on top of this is the fact that my housemate supposidly feels is necessary to make excuses for being out of the house every night this week and not actually spending any time with me. I don’t think she has actually got the fact that when you tell someone that you would love if they offer to cook for you that night and say yes, then say you are popping out to the shops and 5 hours later you still haven’t come home that the person cooking you dinner is going to get a teeny weeny bit irritated with you. Added with the fact that she insisted she only popped round a certain person’s house to do some work and the fact that her Facebook status says she is looking forward to getting drunk tonight round her mates, you start to wonder why you bother. I’m not actually a possessive person if you’re thinking “woah there turn down the pressure cooker love!”, but just irritates me when people can’t say things directly to my face.

This is extremely poignant at the moment with my application to my first post. I am hoping that school’s will be helpful if they reject my application when I ask them how I could develop my own professional skills and communication. is quite frustrating at the moment when there are very few posts on the TES or on the teach in herts website. I’ve broadened my horizons slightly by applying for in both Essex and Hertfordshire but this is mainly because my family home is in Essex and my partner lives in Hertfordshire and we both want to move in to our first home later this year. This is quite scary but in a good way. Applying for a job is also scary but not really in a good way … just scary!

Only a short extract this week because I am extremely tired and my brain doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly at the moment due to the amount of work I have been doing and constant tiredness. If you’re on a degree and moan about the fact that you have a 5000 word dissitation and an exam, do not expect any sympathy from me. Considering I had a 7000 word dissitation on a topic that was extremely vague, an exam that no one knows what to revise for, a presentation to people I barely know about a topic I am extremely new to, a maths assignment containing 6 investigations with an in depth rationale and teacher guide included (3000 words), a speaking and listening Scheme of Work and again rationale and guide (3000 words) and planning for every subject you will be for 6 weeks including the assessments you will be using, I think you’re is making quite easy for you!

Anyway I shall be delving further into my past to provide you considering what life is like at my . Keep checking peeps!

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