Hello and welcome to the first chapter of the of an , a story of the trials and tribulations of working in for a small travel company in the UK. I suppose the best place to begin is the beginning……

[Cue flashback music and weird wibbly screen effect]

I got into this by accident really, all started innocently enough poking at autoexec.bat and config.sys on a (at the time) top of the line 286 finding out how things worked (usually by breaking them). From there the love affair with technology blossomed and I haven’t been far from a computer since. Now the tinkering includes swapping components as well as tweaking system config files and on occasion people actually pay me for (not as often or as much as I’d like obviously).

I’ve studied at various levels (school, college etc) and the classroom has proved not to be my favourite place, so the only way I’m here working in now is as I say by accident. You see these guys needed help, their one woman department was being run ragged trying to keep up with user queries and just keep things stable, they needed someone to help, someone with an mind and a burning desire to fix the world, they needed SUPER TECH….

… Instead they got me.

In the three years since ’s been my job to field user queries (including the usual classics) and help the department deliver real business benefits. I send out E-flyer, design website content, redevelop Intranet functionality and tear my hair out when all falls down. All this I do both because of a love of and a healthy bank balance, until someone offers me to sit on my arse playing games and writing huge chunks of rambling prose.

I am as far as I know the only 9-5 I know so this place certainly has that in its favour, and the people are nice enough, couldn’t ask for a better office location (I’m writing this looking out over the peace of the river)…. Alright, I’ll stick around for a bit but only because you asked so nicely.

So this is me, and all round fabulous individual and this is my story.

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