Having difficulty writing this, largely because the majority of support stories have already been told elsewhere. The truth is most of the problems any has to deal with on a day to day basis are down to a lack of user education, that’s why you see so many ‘hilarious’ user error tales all over the place. departments suffer from incredible difficulty when comes to educating users because there is not often the time to steal staff away from their desks for the purposes of education.

I’m currently (amongst my other tasks and entirely unbeknown to my boss) working on putting something together regarding the perils of identity theft and computer security. I’ve been working on off and on for about a year because I only get a chance when ’s quiet. I have a tendency to create little projects like this for myself, set off on creating them and only mentioning them when I have something concrete to show for . I see as being a necessary part of being a proactive department; if we don’t set these things in motion independently then the chances are they get lost in the shuffle.

Other tasks in my line up of self created work load involve discovering the maximum capacity of our current daily backup system so that we know at what point we risk getting a bill of over £2500 for a new tape drive and the tapes to go with . This wasn’t previously a concern but I’ve become more worried in recent times as to what and how much we’re backing up, we do have plans to reduce the size by archiving out some stuff which doesn’t need backing up every day but the amount of data we produce is always going to increase eventually. ’s as inevitable as fans failing in a server box (something which will probably happen in June when I’m in Florida, extending the time to repair to at least a day rather than about an hour max).

Outside of work I’m going to get some new strings for my guitar and get the damn harmonica out as well and get back into learning both (not simultaneously obviously). Feel like I’m neglecting my musical outlets somewhat, largely because I am… need to get the camera out and snap some photos as well, largely because the banner images at the top of this site really need changing. Funkymonarch is largely responsible for both of these ideas following comments over this weekend (bit of free advertising coming up) she was down for the WLFC committee Christmas meal (yes we know really isn’t Christmas anymore) and we had a very pleasant meal at the Rose and Crown in Tewin, if you’re in the area check out the puddings are fabulous. Her comments on music came as we visited the guitar shop in Hertford, still a fantastic place to stick your head in if you have any musical interest at all.

In entirely different news all my screen time appears to be catching up with me, I keep finding myself straining to focus on text on the screen, particularly on websites. So an eye test is in the process of being booked (free at Boots, got to love vouchers) and we shall see what the outcome is.

That’ll do for now, as disjointed and rambling as usual. Next chapter whenever I get round to .

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