Those of you who have been really paying attention will have spotted an interesting little titbit in my twitter updates, you see last week I passed the wonders of the CompTIA A+ Essentials exam.  This brings me one step close to having a concrete record of my skills, not bad when its been your job for 3 years.



The exam itself rates as one of the more odd educational experiences of my life and all started with a fun GPS lead drive over to Luton, once TomTom had carefully taken me on to a nice little set of country roads I’d never seen before lacking in road signs or land marks promptly lost contact with every single GPS satellite currently in orbit around this little blue green planet of ours.  As you would expect this caused a certain amount of panic which was only tempered slightly by the fact I knew I had nearly 2 miles before was due to give me another instruction, thankfully carrying on in a straight line was a successful strategy and I arrived in Luton with plenty of time to spare… shame was the wrong road really, Nokia maps and good old fashioned leg work managed to get me back on track and I arrived (in a mildly harassed state) at the test centre.


The test centre is a non-descript gray office situated over a betting shop, a collection of different PCs which speak of a very flexible purchasing strategy based around ‘get whatever is cheapest’ are laid out over the desks across the space, most are still attached to great hulking 17” CRT screens so that students complete their exams staring into a fish bowl.  2 or 3 people are bent in concentration over their machine applying themselves entirely to the task of passing an exam designed to improve their lives (maybe, they could just be doing them for fun of course).  The only member of staff apparent in the place is an almost perfectly circular mid-30s white bloke in glasses who for some reason refers to me as ‘blud’, he signs me in and I’m all set for a tortuous exam which will test the limits of my knowledge.


40 minutes later as I complete the whole process (including a demographic survey) with a score of 800 out of a possible 900, I’m left wondering whether an entry level cert was really necessary for me.


So what does the future hold? This first exam means I’m halfway to being CompTIA A+ certified so the obvious next step is finishing the cert off, then its on to the Network+ and then… who knows?  I’m aware that the more of these exams and certifications I complete the more my life heads off down the path of support and I do wonder whether that’s the right choice for me.  The problem of course is that is the only thing which has made me any thus far in my life so changing path takes some real thought to work out what I could actually do instead.



Yeah I got nothing, support is then.

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