OK….  So its been a while.  Again.

Since the end of August I’ve been busy though, and so has this sites other contributor who has gone from being a trainee teacher to an NQT in her first full time job with Ofsted showing up to inspect the school with very little notice.  We’ve moved into our own little pad and are currently surrounded by cardboard boxes as we try and organise to look like a home rather than a warehouse.

But thats not what your here for, if you’ve stumbled across this ’ll likely be because of the word ‘ ’ in the subject line so my home and love life will be as interesting to you as watching paint dry (unless thats how you get your kicks of course).  Lets get down to , the life of an is periods of intense boredom followed by extreme pressure and a list full o f criticals (a lot like life generally) the trick as a good is to make sure you can deal with the criticals efficiently with minimal impact to your users.

How you go about this is fairly simple, , , .  Every setting, every cable run, every software install needs to be documented and explained.  If I walk into your office I should be able to put my hands on which explains your entire network so I can get up to speed and fix issues within a few hours, without that your looking at weeks to understand the intricacies of a full enterprise network structure.  So with this in mind I have recently been battling to get at the top of our priorities list here in the office and its been an uphill struggle.  Battling against a massive website overhaul project along with an ongoing redevelopment project on our intranet for time on the schedule makes the whole process slow going to say the least.

Part of the problem exists because the information is available elsewhere while the servers are running and should be able to be restored from backup if they’re not.  The operative word in that sentence being SHOULD.  If the backups are corrupted, we’re screwed.  Quite apart from that little worry is that of course finding information at the moment takes time, if its all hidden away in different configuration screens then finding becomes a case of knowing where to look and I’m the only one here at the moment who does.

Outside of this little project I’ve got a number of other things I’m working on including a new website for http://www.wattonladiesfc.com which I’ve been developing, its based on a PHP script written a few years ago by a guy when he was learning how to write PHP.  Most of the project has involved making the whole thing comply to any HTML standard (as is I’m actually aiming for XHTML compliance), this has made me more forceful than I have been for ages on the subject of garbage HTML, just because the scripting is fantastic doesn’t give you any excuse for writing the markup with your eyes shut.

More next week, and every week after that.

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