This week has been a little hectic to say the least, but then they all are at the moment.  Settling in to the wonders of domestic life and keeping up with the chores is taking a lot of my time and energy so when I do have free time I have a tendency to want to sit and do nothing.  The brain cells are firing a bit more creatively though, a lot of ideas for short stories and god knows what else are flying around my head.  Most of this creative burst comes in the car on the way to work which is frustrating as I am of course not in a position to actually do any writing when driving.

The difficulty with being a part time writer/blogger/whatever term you choose to describe yourself is that you can never predict when the ideas are going to appear.  Not having the freedom to write full time causes a huge amount of frustration when the ideas are there but the time isn’t available to get them down on paper.  I’d imagine this frustration is probably quite reversed for a full-time writer with the ideas having to be forced from an overworked imagination on some occasions.

I’m working on getting myself some more time to write and I’m also probably going to make a serious attempt at getting a job which allows me to spend my time writing,  no idea how much chance I’ve got but its got to be worth a try.

With March creeping to a close you’ll (hopefully) see a lot more appearing on here next month, my plan is to take part in NaBloPoMo something which I’ve tried before and failed at but this was during my massive creative drought so I should be a lot more successful.  Until then I’ll continue trying to produce at least one post a week on whatever topic comes to mind.

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