I’m going to take a break from the usual subjects that I’ve been writing about of late (namely writing…) and wonder off into the world of professional football.  Following the England teams less than stellar performance yesterday against Germany I’ve been trying to work out what the England manager can do to try and improve matters for our next tournament fun time.

A lot of the discussion which has taken place recently has made mention of the small pool of talent available to the England manager with so many foreign players in the Premier League at present.  This has confused me slightly, Algeria held us to a 0-0 draw with a team largely made up of amateurs, they qualified for the World Cup with the same team.  Why exactly is the England manager under the impression he has a small pool of talented players from which to make his selection?  If Algeria can qualify with amateurs surely England can select from more than just the premier league?

If you open your selection to the lower leagues you’ll find yourself with a lot of good, hungry young players looking for their big break this gives you a serious chance of finding people who can play together as a team and who want to wear the shirt and represent their country.  The chances are you’ll also find that you can be more creative with the team, leaving 4-4-2 behind you and really improving the quality of football the team play.

Now, all of the above comes from someone who is willing to admit that his football skills are severly lacking but I cherish the belief that I would actually make a good manager (whether football or anything else) because I’m willing to listen and I like to do what I can to see people do well.  What seems to be lacking in English football is the desire to do well for any other reason than the big fat paycheck at the end of it, its no longer about football, its about job satisfaction.

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