This is the first writing I’ve done this week, not an intentional failure but a failure none the less.  I’ll be well off target I’m afraid.  Unfortunately a lot of things have chosen this week to compete for attention in my brain and they’ve got in the way of my creative muscles somewhat.

My intention is that I’ll make up for the failing next week, hopefully producing one piece a day and massively expanding my output compared to its current levels.  I’m also hoping to get some serious work on The Book done, perhaps even seeing if I can produce something approaching a decent first chapter to get things moving on that front.

Matters have not been helped by the fact that my energy levels seem to be at an all time low, I’m spending more time feeling tired than feeling useful.  Still, four weeks to go and then I can recharge my batteries in a cottage on Exmoor.  Four weeks that can’t really go fast enough….

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