What I believe

These are my beliefs, each will become a post in its own right and the list will continue to grow.  Whether you agree or not is entirely up to you.

  • I believe that social equality and capitalism are mutually exclusive.
  • I believe that organised religion creates unnecessary segregation in society.
  • I believe true faith doesn’t need rules.
  • I believe love is all encompassing.
  • I believe regurgitating “facts” without thought damages debate.
  • I believe absolutes in life are few and far between.
  • I believe we all have a right to freedom from persecution on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else.
  • I believe cricket is the worlds best team sport.
  • I believe a smile goes a long way.
  • I believe violence is the last resort of fools.
  • I believe Trident renewal is a waste of money.
  • I believe first past the post voting is undemocratic.
  • I believe that although violence is never the answer action films are awesome.
  • I believe The West Wing is still the greatest show ever on TV.
  • I believe technology slows evolution.
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