Secret Diaries exists as a way to ‘let all out’ a place where everyone is equal in their desire to just say what they think and what they feel.  Whether be careers or love life, professional or social.  So far so what right?  If your looking for big exposes or hard hitting discussion your looking in the wrong place.  You’ll find those who contribute here are more likely to  veer wildly from excessive ranting to excessive humour in the space of the same sentence, none of means much but might, just might reveal something of the human condition or some insight into particular careers or lifestyle choices (probably by accident).

The very nature of the web and the blogosphere makes places like this all too common I know, usually filled with teenagers ranting about how oppresive their parents are or writing what they to consider to be ‘random’ thoughts.  We’ll avoid that and try and at least give you something worth reading every now and then.

There is no high and mighty purpose to any of this, but is a marvellous way to relax.