Otherwise known as the ultimate plan of awesomeness.

Most organisations don’t publish their business plan, for obvious reasons, but I can not be described as an organisation (or even as organised) and this is more a statement of intent than a plan.

This plan come in two parts which are intrinsically linked, my goals and site goals.

My Goals

  • Write at least 2 articles a week
  • Write at least 500 words a week
  • Create at least 1 piece of supporting content a month (the definition of ‘supporting content’ is deliberately vague)
  • Come up with 4 article ideas a week

Site Goals

  • 100% increase in site traffic in the next 6 months (438 visits)
  • Site to be self sustaining in 18 months (£10/month from all available sources)
  • Site to be profitable in 2 years
  • Merchandising to be an option in 12 months

My goals are measurable, achieveable and meaningful.  The site goals may turn out to only be 2 out of 3 but its a start!