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I’m working a lot on improving the structure of my at the moment, particularly focussing on the need for a clear beginning, middle and end to everything I put together.  The beginning and middle have tended to be things which I don’t have a problem putting together its bringing those things to a well rounded conclusion which seems to cause me some challenge.

A lot of forward planning goes into any article, short story or novel.  Research is always necessary gives a far better structure and depth to your and this has been the main casualty in my recent work.  I’ve avoided property research or planning in an effort just to get something published which unfortunately has resulted in the series of random ramblings currently present on this very site.  Opinion only carries you so far when not backed by verifiable fact, without that grounding in reality the writers voice tends to get lost and the content of the article ends up awash in a sea of nothing in particular.

So this is where I find myself now, in search of facts and a rounded and well written ending to go with the many beginnings and middles floating around in my head.  Without them my new super secret project will remain unwritten.  So, over the coming months while I try and get my head round these little conundrums I’m going to be publishing a series of articles on the methods I find and the thoughts I have on the good and bad points of them all.  If nothing else the end result of all this may be some useful hints and tips for everyone else!

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I’ve just started work on my new project (which in all honesty is a rehash of an old project), this will begin appearing in the not to distant future on this very site!

I’m not going to reveal too much largely because the detail isn’t all there yet but expect to hear more as time goes on.

For now its off to work!

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I’m spending a worrying amount of time stuck inside my own head at the moment which is damaging a lot of things. My for one.

I actually started work on a novel recently but ground to a halt in a sea of bad , two dimensional characters and cliché. Hopefully another few hours of bashing at the keys will get most of that out of my system and I’ll actually be able to move on to producing something worth reading. In order to improve matters I’m looking to do some more structured by finding some websites and magazines looking for article submissions with some enforced limits. Even a word count will help focus me at the moment.

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This Saturday saw me become the proud owner of a samsung galaxy portal, not the phone I had originally intended getting but I’m glad I did. Having had a couple of days to play with I am glad to say is responsive good looking and a fantastic value smartphone.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary on the net about the camera on this phone and its not that impressive, at only 3 megapixels its a lot weaker than many on the market but as someone who’s grown up surrounded by photographic equipment I don’t see the point of having an 8 megapixel camera attached to sub standard optics on my phone.

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Following the recent glut of half formed ideas and (really honestly) half finished articles I find myself with yet another case of writers block, ideas and topics are floating around in my head but turning them into fully fledged articles is proving difficult.  What follows is a list of things I’d like to write about:

  • The general election, thoughts on the three main parties and why I think this time there is a real opportunity for change.
  • Job searches, and finding work when your already employed.
  • Making extra when that little boost will really help.
  • people to drive and the short lived terror of handing over your car keys.
  • Studying, why I should have concentrated more in school and how much of a challenge is to keep focussed now.

Each of these is a topic I should be able to write about without difficulty or restriction but the ideas aren’t flowing quite right at the moment, so instead I intend to spend this week researching other peoples methods of getting the creative juices flowing and maybe you’ll see a round up and review later in the week!

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This week has been a little hectic to say the least, but then they all are at the moment.  Settling in to the wonders of domestic life and keeping up with the chores is taking a lot of my time and energy so when I do have free time I have a tendency to want to sit and do nothing.  The brain cells are firing a bit more creatively though, a lot of ideas for short stories and god knows what else are flying around my head.  Most of this creative burst comes in the car on the way to work which is frustrating as I am of course not in a position to actually do any when driving.

The difficulty with being a part time writer/blogger/whatever term you choose to describe yourself is that you can never predict when the ideas are going to appear.  Not having the freedom to write full time causes a huge amount of frustration when the ideas are there but the time isn’t available to get them down on paper.  I’d imagine this frustration is probably quite reversed for a full-time writer with the ideas having to be forced from an overworked imagination on some occasions.

I’m working on getting myself some more time to write and I’m also probably going to make a serious attempt at getting a job which allows me to spend my time ,  no idea how much chance I’ve got but its got to be worth a try.

With March creeping to a close you’ll (hopefully) see a lot more appearing on here next month, my plan is to take part in NaBloPoMo something which I’ve tried before and failed at but this was during my massive creative drought so I should be a lot more successful.  Until then I’ll continue trying to produce at least one post a week on whatever topic comes to mind.

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Ohhh baby! I passed all three QTS Skills Tests! If you’re taking yours any time soon the Numeracy is really not as bad as is made out to be on the TDA website. I still don’t understand the ease that is the Literacy Skills Test but who cares I passed ! continue reading…

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I love poetry and used to do loads for fun. I didn’t think I was any good at , was just something I liked to do. However at as part of my course we have started to look at using creative English in the classroom and we have been looking at poetry as well as narrative, every day and factual . I decided must be good for people (and me) to get into expressing your ideas or emotions through poetry (in my case this is good as I can stop getting off my chest every time my poor is talking to me on the phone!). So below is my poem from today. The topic was on the harvest and harvest festival in schools, so here is my poem (make of what you will)! continue reading…

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Don’t worry, this is not an invitation for a free romp! During the last few months I’ve become slightly more let’s say “un-lady like” and I have now decided starting from Monday the 3rd of November to become more feminine to recapture the romance of my relationship (not that has really gone, but I’m sure my does not appreciate the suttle smells of cabbage and carrots being belched at him in the early hours!). continue reading…

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Well is coming up to the final year of my degree and I’m looking forward to those ever alluring QTS Skills tests. Wow; what a load of crap I have to honestly say. I would love to know why the Numeracy one is pitched at the intellectual level of someone who took Maths as an actual degree and then have done their masters in , wheras the Literacy and ICT are so basic I want to cry. I want to know why there is no equilibrium between the three tests. Surely as the government keeps crying out for more and more teachers, they shouldn’t be setting tests with questions with the most ridiculous time limit on them to scare those of us who have trained and worked hard for at least 3 years away from . continue reading…

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