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I’ve just started work on my new project (which in all honesty is a rehash of an old project), this will begin appearing in the not to distant future on this very site!

I’m not going to reveal too much largely because the detail isn’t all there yet but expect to hear more as time goes on.

For now its off to work!

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The massive post cull which recently took place on this site is an attempt at adding some direction to proceedings, from now on this site will try to give an insight into the daily lives of those who contribute and hopefully some hints and tips to those who are following the ‘same’ path.

As the new title suggests, most entries will be ‘ of a….’ affairs talking about some aspect of the daily life of the author, you’ll also find occasional hints, tips and useful site links sprinkled about the place.  There should be a minimum of 1 article a week published on a Friday but there are very likely to be other pieces published throughout the working week.

Keep watching this space, hopefully the writing will improve if nothing else!

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