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OK….  So its been a while.  Again.

Since the end of August I’ve been busy though, and so has this sites other contributor who has gone from being a trainee teacher to an NQT in her first full time job with Ofsted showing up to inspect the school with very little notice.  We’ve moved into our own little pad and are currently surrounded by cardboard boxes as we try and organise to look like a home rather than a warehouse.

But thats not what your here for, if you’ve stumbled across this ’ll likely be because of the word ‘ ’ in the subject line so my home and love life will be as interesting to you as watching paint dry (unless thats how you get your kicks of course).  Lets get down to , the life of an is periods of intense boredom followed by extreme pressure and a list full o f criticals (a lot like life generally) the trick as a good is to make sure you can deal with the criticals efficiently with minimal impact to your users.

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There comes a time when you hear songs on the radio/ipod that seem to so resemble your life. For example right now the songs I would chose to sum up my time at would be Frustration, On My Own Again, All By Myself and The Drugs Don’t Work. Don’t worry people, I’m not about to get all suicidal ’s just a mixture of things. has now caused me to have migrains and with the added stress of this ongoing neccessity for paper work, planning and assignments, paracetamol will only do so much to stop the continuous headache I am trying to overcome. continue reading…

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Well, my second year has drawn to a close and so I returned to normal suburban life in Essex at my parents home expecting everything to be as I had left . ’s funny how things change so quickly in such a short space of time.The job I had returned to and had been guarenteed a place at after signing a contract screwed me over after 3 years of loyal service (admitiddly not continuous due to ) which irritated me and so a frantic search for a new job began. My helped me through supporting me and reassuring me that I will find something but I still felt incredibly down about . continue reading…

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Yes my children! The time has come for me to share my new found wisdom and knowledge of … specifically for girls. So enjoy! continue reading…

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